diverse finance structures


Truly Custom Structures, Terms and Rates

 Our expertise and reach within the energy industry allow us to bring direct access to the most aggressive capital funding rates available anywhere today. Call us for an exact quote on your project or fill out a project profile. We can immediately put your project in front of more than a dozen top financial institutions. Types of finance structures include:

PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a unique mechanism through which the project owner pays for the system through a voluntary tax added to their property tax bill. PACE offers several tax and finance advantages to commercial businesses.

Tax Equity Finance

If a project owner does not have the tax liability to take advantage of tax credits available for solar and energy saving installations, a special purpose entity (SPE) of tax-equity investors can facilitate financing by using the tax credits and passing the savings on to the project owner.

Tax Exempt Lease

A tax exempt lease is a special structure for leasing energy related equipment by government and certain non-profit facilities.

Conventional financing

We have deep partnerships with some of the largest and most aggressive banks in the energy space for standard balance sheet/asset based loans. 

Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing is one of the most common forms of financing an investment in infrastructure, but typically comes with shorter terms.